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Customer: Moventas Wind Oy

Date: April. 29th, 2010

Participants: Peter Chu (Managing Director_Shantin)

                        Limmy Sheng (International Sales Manager_Shantin)

                  Pekka Koskela (Quality Engineer_Moventas)

                  Rami Luoma-Aho (Strategical Sourcing_Moventas)

Kep points:

1. Open order status review: Shantin promise to send the order parts in three weeks.

2. Potential projects expections: After the first sample approved, Shantin will get more chances of developing more similar products for Moventas. Moventas will send the second RFQ to Shantin.

3. Quality issues: Poecess plan, inspection and machining requirements which are not clear previously were solved.

4. Factory visit: Rami guided us to their workshops in Jyvaskyla and make us know more about their products histories. And a tour visit to their new factory which mostly operated by automaton was extremely a special experience and learning class to us.