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Except in China, people all around the world may have little knowledge about investment casting process. Investment casting process is suitable for small and medium size castings in stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel. Compared with sand casting, investment casting has the following advantages as better surface quality, less machining margin, etc¡­
Case study: big stainless steel impeller

The following big impeller in stainless steel we made for our customers has already lasted for more than two years. It is originally produced by sand casting process when we got it from our customer, and weights up to 70kg. After our engineers¡¯ brain storm and carefully checked the drawing, we suggest producing it by investment casting process, and promise to save the material approximately 15kg which is equal to around EURO 150.
In general, the part now only weights 55kg, and its outer diameter reaches around 600mm. Smooth Volute, and nice surface are all good examples we showed to our customers by investment casting process.