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Shantin own a foundry which produces castings of various kinds of cast iron and bronze. We have been certified by ISO 9001:2000 quality system and audited at a certain frequency. We breathe into everyone¡¯s mind that only good quality which can benefit us for a long-term business and it¡¯s no doubt the original source of company maintenance as well. By working with well-selected partners, we also supply our customers with other fully machined castings in stainless steel, carbon steel, etc¡­ Currently, around 90% of our products are for export, to European, American and other companies all over the world such as Flowserve, Hamworthy, Ruhrpumpen, Husquvana, Moventas and so forth.

Our main facilities:
1 set Spectrometer 1 set Tensile strength testing machine 3 sets Induction Oven (350kg*2, 700kg*1)

1 set Sand Mixed Machine with 5 ton/h Sand
1 set Hanging Shot Blasting Machine Q376
1 set Rubber roller Shot Blasting Machine Q311

Our main products: